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My email to

3/23/2000 7:17 PM
Jim S.
My email to is a web site dedicated to selling new and used effects pedals. They have a huge selection. For your amusement, here's some email I wrote them.  
I just visited your web site for the first time today. You have a wonderful selection of new pedals, both from the established companies  
and boutique makers.  
However, in all seriousness, I have to say... most of the RealAudio soundclips are absolutely awful. I mean they absolutely suck -- big time.  
And I'm not talking about the audio quality of the clips themselves. The problem is that they don't do justice to the pedals you're trying to sell. On a lot of them, the guitar playing sounds very matuerish -- it sounds like some kid flailing about, playing bad teenage 70's rock licks -- no sense of rhythm, no taste. On some sound clips, the guitar sounds way out of tune. The bypass (effect off) tone at the beginning of the clips is often thin and sterile; it sounds like it's coming from an el  
cheapo guitar. Some clips are totally dry (which is OK); but others have way too much reverb on them.  
Furthermore, many of the clips sound like the player mindlessly turned some or all of the controls on the pedal ALL THE WAY UP, giving no thought or consideration to demonstrating a setting or a few settings that are typical of how the pedal might be used in a real-world situation. For example, The Maxon Phaser sound clip has this ridiculously fast warble, which doesn't show off any the low-to-moderate speed dreamy swirl effects that players would usually want out of a phase shifter. And many of the overdrive pedals seem to have way too much gain dialed in -- they all wind up sounding like heavy metal oriented pedals.  
(By the way, the Stamps Drive-O-Matic sound clips are pretty good. They sound like they were performed and recorded by different people than  
most of the other clips. They set a precedent -- all of your sound clips should be at least as impressive as these.)  
I think if you drastically improved the quality of your sound clips, you would sell more pedals. Think about that.  
Jim S.  

paul perry Wauh, Gaspedal sell my (Frostwave) ... -- 3/24/2000 10:31 AM