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Re: How would you like to be his tech? :^J

3/23/2000 5:44 PM
Re: How would you like to be his tech? :^J
considering he's a complete *freak* who almost fired a real pro of a tech for cleaning the fretboard of his strat, an emphatic *no*. (The dirt and grime was apparently an essential element to his sound.) The guy is a ticking time bomb who should just worry about what his hands are doing, 'cause that is entirely where his sound lies. I don't care if he can here the difference between batteries or whether his power is at 115 V instead of 117 V. He always sounds like Eric Johnson, irrespective of his setup. All the control and nuances are something he can do with his hands, since he has a great set of them. He should get over his OCD, shut up and play his guitar, and just do it instead of agonizing over it for decades at a time. I do think his playing and tone are stellar, but come on already.