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Distortion box recommendations please

3/21/2000 3:16 PM
Steve Jones
Distortion box recommendations please
I'm sure that this same question gets posted over and over again, but...  
I am interested in building a distortion stomp box as a first FX project, and am looking for recommendations/opinions.  
1. Interested in a 9V battery powered device that would fit into one of the small project boxes that PAiA sells or similar.  
2. Looking for tube amp tone distortion adjustable from just a bit of grit and grind to full bore crunch with lots of sustain. I am not interested in fuzz tone type distortion.  
3. Something that sounds good with both strat type and Les Paul type guitars  
4. Must have a decent bypass switch in design  
Can anyone recommend a good place to start? Thanks for any opinions or advice.  
Steve Jones

Rebel420 q{I am interested in building a dis... -- 3/21/2000 6:50 PM
pHiLtHy Would recommend a TS clone with GFR's Fat Scremer mod -- 3/22/2000 5:37 PM