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Re: Best Chorus Pedal?

3/17/2000 12:20 AM
JaySGRe: Best Chorus Pedal?
In what's left of my mind, there are two types  
of chorus pedal. The tc I have is 20-20kHz and is  
exceptional at what it does. The original Boss  
CE-1 has a rolled-off high end. (The Voodoo Labs  
Chorus takes after the CE-1 design.) If you want  
the Toto tone from 1978, that's the CE-1. FWIW,  
I had a Boss CE-3 years ago and hated it because  
it seemed to have a shrill high-end, whereas  
the earlier CE-2 is used by a lot of pros and is  
essentially a compact CE-1.

pHiLtHy I've heard this about the CE-3 but ... -- 3/17/2000 10:39 PM