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Re: datasheets...

3/15/2000 12:47 AM
Rick Erickson
Re: datasheets...
[I'll be damned if I know of any noteworthy delay devices that use it. If you can name some, I'd be appreciative.]  
Well, you got me there. How about the custom ones I made for Roger Fisher,Howard Leese and Nancy Wilson of Heart - can you say Barracuda?, Mistral Wind? Sleep Alone? I also made one for Michael Wilton of Queensryche, and a few others for friends. The 3001 had a much wider sweep than any of the other Panasonic delay chips and a very nice tonality that I could not duplicate by dropping an SAD1024 in to the same circuit. A friend of mine tried also and came to the same conclusion. The MN3001 is no longer in production as far as I know. I still have one of the flangers I built for Howard, a rack mount line level device. These were custom units that required a line-level fx loop mod to an amp, not very common at the time so I never tried to manufacture them and sell them to the public. Howard at one time encouraged me to make them as he considered it "the best sounding guitar flanger in the world".  
He also encouraged Mike Soldano to manufacture his custom amps. I guess I should have listened.  

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