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Re: Mesa Boogie V-Twin?

3/13/2000 5:04 AM
Re: Mesa Boogie V-Twin?
I have one. Like Steve said its built like a tank. I have been gigging with it for about 2 years and have replaced the tubes but did it by choice not necessity. The pedal has never given me a bit of trouble. There is one thing that I don't like about it however, and thats the fact that when you go to the solo mode the gain is about 3 times your blues setting. There is no adjustment for this like the adjustment you make on the trim pot for clean to blues. I like a little boost with lead but the amount this thing boosts is almost unusable without turning down your guitar volume. It is better than the Ibanez Tube king IMHO but I am thinking of getting a fulltone 2 or a Klon Centaur.  

Pasi Heikura Thanks for your experiences! -- 3/13/2000 6:45 PM
Mike Burgundy
Re:gain lvls, and speaker sim? -- 3/14/2000 1:12 PM