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Re: To Jim the "Beer Commercial Guy" LOL :o)

3/3/2000 2:46 PM
Re: To Jim the "Beer Commercial Guy" LOL :o)
"Sorry if I ruffled some feathers. "
You post was well spoken! :) No harm, no foul. Now I get where you were coming from. Much like yourself I prefer to control the dymanics from my fingers and the guitar and I agree that the tube screamers do compress a little too much. (to be honest I do not use a tube screamer at all with my set up) but I do see a mess of guys using them.  
It's a personal opinion and I respect that. We have come a long way since 1978. I can't argue that point at all! (ha, ha) Another way to look at it is that people like the older 60's plexis and we do have an awful lot of amps to choose from these days(?)  
I think modern gain amps picked up where the tube screamer left off. Lots of gain and compression for those who dig it. The JCM900 is pretty much a JCM800 with a tube screamer implemented into the circuit (basically).  
Anyway I see your point now!