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Re: That's right, no noticeable differences

3/2/2000 9:53 PM
Re: That's right, no noticeable differences
"I stopped using Tubescreamers years ago."
I'm not sure I follow as to why you are posting this here(?) Peopl are looking for opinions on chips, at least that's my understanding of the thread.  
"All this discussion about op amp chips reminds me of those phony taste-test beer commercials they used to show on TV -- where some "man on the street" compares Budweiser to Coors or Miller, or some other pale-yellow horse-pee. I'd much rather drink a good microbrew ale. "
So if you do not use tube screamers anymore and prefer microbrew over commercial beers then what do you recommend? Forgive my ignorance but I'm not following you on this because the post is asking for opinions on the differences between the chips? So what compares to your microbrews in this case?  
Just curious  

John S. To Jim the "Beer Commercial Guy" LOL :o) -- 3/2/2000 10:04 PM