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previous: Mark Hammer Hey Rob! (RE: Bassballs) -- 3/1/2000 4:07 PM View Thread


3/2/2000 3:49 PM
Hey Mark,  
Well, I think maybe either you misunderstood me, or I used the wrong term when I said "gain". It's also  
VERY apparent to me that you know 50X more about this than me! I'm just a kid who likes to fiddle with shit!  
I'm still learning, and it's fun!  
Seriously though, when I said "gain", I meant that when you turn the trimpots (and yup, they were WAY sensitive), you can tune each filter from "bwah" to "bwow", and it sounds similar to turning the "gain" knob on my Q-tron.  
I believe you said they tune the frequency of the filters. Well now that I think about it, I do remember a slight frequency change when I turned those pots. But the main audible thing that was happening was that, when the pot was low, there was no wah, and if I hit a string and turned the pot, ... "WAAAAH" then if I turned it even further it went "BWEEE" So I guess you're right, they DO  
affect the freq. response of the filters... but the gain change aspect was what really jumped out at me, so I didn't notice the freq response change at first. What a pain it is to have to take the thing completely apart to get at those pots! But to answer your question about the interaction between the filters, I'm not sure. It definitely did seem that when you turn one, it affected the other. I did try spacing them far apart like you said, and it didn't really sound very impressive. The thing just sounded better as a whole when both pots were set near the middle of their range. Gotta fiddle more though...  
Crap! I didn't know there was a BB schem online! If I knew that I wouldn't have bought mine! oh well, I guess since I (only?) paid $150 it's not bad...  
Now I'm not sure that I want to go screwing around with the thing since it is vintage and it looks to be all original.  
I think I might screw with the Q-tron and leave the BB alone. What I'd really like to do is maybe try to  
set up the Q-tron with pots or switches to adjust attack and decay times... now that would be cool!  
Do you know if there's a schem for the Q-tron anywhere?  
I'm not sure that I have enough skill to trace out the circuit to find the attack/deay RC filter combo (if in fact that IS what it uses like you said)...  
Rob, always in search of the baddest filter...  
-- "Ultraballs" -- YEAH!!!