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Re: That's right, no noticeable differences

3/2/2000 2:47 AM
John S.
Re: That's right, no noticeable differences
Thanks again R.G. The TI RC 4558 chip sounds pretty good and isn't quite as noisy as my JRC 4558 DD....I'm still curious to see how the new Mouser chips will sound.Actually after the mod to 808,the TA 75558 chip was happening also.Now I'm really confused! Anyway,I put an 8 pin socket in mine,and have been just popping in and out the different chips....If oyur fast enough you can actually hear the tonal differences.....This is anal,but it is also fun.Soon I will figure out the secret ingredient for my pedal and my tastes,and this will be what really matters.I do enjoy the opinions though,so keep them coming....John S.

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