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Re: TS opamp selection...Give us more tonal differences John

3/2/2000 1:40 AM
John S.
Re: TS opamp selection...Give us more tonal differences John
John.....Could you tell us what it was about the new Mouser 4558's that you didn't like compared to the JRC 4558 D's?  
Also....I have been told by a few different sources that Mouser's NJM 4558 D chips are the "real" deal...I am waiting for some to arrive so I can check them out..Right now I have a JRC 4558 DD in my reissue TS9 that sounds good,but I think it is a bit noisier than another good sounding IC (The TI RC 4558) I am still messing around with different chips,but the mod to 808 seems to make the most tonal differences that I've heard.....MHO...John S.

John Greene q{John.....Could you tell us what i... -- 3/2/2000 1:50 AM