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TS opamp selection

3/1/2000 6:48 PM
John S.
TS opamp selection
I have been messing with chips in my TS9 lately and guys still say the JRC 4558D is the holy grail chip for the Tube Screamers.....Give me some more scoop on this if you could...I have a bunch of different 4558 chips that I have been taste testing through my TS9 to 808 modded pedal.Some of these chips will be Mouser's NJM 4558 D new chips which I hear are supposed to be as good as the original JRC 4558 D's? Sorry to be so anal about this,but I have noticed an actual tonal difference between different op amps and actually the older they are,the noisier they seem to be as far as "hiss" is concerned.....Anyway,I'd love to hear from others on this....Everyone and his or her's brother owns a Tube Screamer! LOL John S....  

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