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Re: I want to build an EH Zipper, but I have a question...

2/25/2000 4:49 PM
Re: I want to build an EH Zipper, but I have a question...
thanks for the info Mark!  
I'm going to order parts to build the zipper today - hopefully I can get it to work after I build it!  
Yep I agree, I'm sure there is more in my Q-tron than I have found up until now. I don't really want to get into  
modding it, but maybe I'll change my mind.  
One thing I definitely want to try is to put a compressor in front of it. I don't have one, though, gotta build one!  
I may take the Q apart this weekend and see if I can find the RC filter combo you spoke of, just for kicks. This is assuming, of course, the Q-tron uses the same basic design principle as the Mu-tron.  
I also won a 70's bassballs off of ebay last week for $150, can't wait to try that puppy out!  
Love them filters...  

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