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Re: 69 pedal being used??

2/23/2000 5:26 PM
Re: 69 pedal being used??
I have a '69, and I use it a lot. Yes, it's a "wild fuzz" but you can do a lot more with it than that. By turning doen the volume from the guitar the effect cleans up way beyond any vague resemblance to a "fuzz" effect, and so by adjusting the bias and contour knobs to have a smooth sound I use it as an overdrive. Because I have the internal trimpot adjusted slightly more bass than it was originally, it is an overdrive without the annoying midrange of an overdrive pedal. By using the thing as an outright fuzz (vol. knob on the guitar up all the way, fuzz control wide open) but keeping the bias and contour to where it's not producing a buzzy type of fuzz, I can use it to actually smooth out the sound of high gain amps. I can use a high gain channel, crank the hell out of the amp, and use the smooth fuzz sound with the volume knob lowered on the pedal itself; this gives a really high gain sound without being buzzy or scratchy or harsh in the midrange, and without being so loud it's unusable. It's got FOUR control knobs on it, makes no sense not to learn to USE all of them.  

marrk Hi wrote,"..crank the hell ... -- 2/23/2000 9:02 PM