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Re: I want to build an EH Zipper, but I have a question...

2/23/2000 3:18 PM
RobRe: I want to build an EH Zipper, but I have a question...
I appreciate all your input! I think you're right- I bet the switchable attack rate quality of the zipper has a lot to do with why people rave avout it. That's one thing I noticed about my Q-tron - the attack seems too fast for me.  
I would like to be able to slow it down, maybe even have a pot to fine-tune it. The thing that's odd is that: when you put a distortion pedal in front of the Q-tron, the attack is much slower and more controllable and you can adjust it by tweaking the gain knob on the Q-tron. I'm guessing it's because the Distortion compresses and clips the signal?? (making it more useable by the filter?) When you play straight into the Q-tron, it seems to "wah" too fast for my taste, I want it to drag out and go "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah". :)  
Ahhh.... but wait!!! They just came out with a "Q-tron +",  
it adds an attack rate switch as well as a separate effect loop! Maybe this will solve my quest for the killer filter!  
But in the meantime, I got some input on the zipper schematic and it looks like I might be able to build it afterall...  
Rob P.S. I'll check out that retro-stereo, thanks!

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