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69 pedal

2/19/2000 12:10 AM
Rich69 pedal
Hey! I built one of those '69 pedals and its great! I played around with various germanium transistors until I got what I thought sounded good. I use it to front an overdriven tube amp and thats where it shines but it sounds crappy if its used with a clean amp. The key to this design is the bias control on the input. It lets you add or remove just enough muddy frequency. I was looking for some feedback from anyone else that built this guy . If so, what transistors did you use?

Coen I build the 69 too and it sounds gr... -- 2/19/2000 12:37 PM
Jim Radmer Yeah, it's wild! I used AC128's, yo... -- 2/21/2000 2:09 PM