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Re: I want to build an EH Zipper, but I have a question...

2/18/2000 8:40 PM
Re: I want to build an EH Zipper, but I have a question...
Mark, do you really think the Q-tron is that much better?  
I've heard of several people say that the zipper completely  
blows it away. Supposedly it's much more controllable? I DO like the Q-tron; it is a very flexible filter, but I  
always seem to end up with the same settings.  
It's like I can only get one sound I really like with the filter in the 'up' direction, and one I really like with it  
I play bass, too, so I think it might be a little more limited for use with bass as opposed to guitar.  
I'm just hoping maybe the zipper would allow me to get more than two sounds I really like...  
As i sit here looking at the zipper schematic, I'm not sure  
that I want to build it without being positive of all the  
components anyway - the thing looks a bit complicated!  
I'd hate to spend hours putting it together and not get it to work.  

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