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Re: TS-9 to TS-808 mod...Speak out! I want your opinion!

2/13/2000 9:19 PM
Re: TS-9 to TS-808 mod...Speak out! I want your opinion!
I did the mod my old original TS-9. Before that, I wasn't a Tube Screamer fan; I'd only used this pedal on one tour and after that, it sat in my old effects box. But having read about the mod on the 'net, I decided to try it. I changed three parts (I already had the 'good' chip in it). I can't believe how much difference three parts made. It's still early days for me but I think the mod is a winner. However , there are alot of good fuzz/OD pedals out there so it comes down to a matter of taste. I haven't played a TS-808 but I just let my ears be the judge as to what sounds good to me. I'll certainly be using it more that before. Read the very excellent Geo article before you get started.  
good luck,  

John S. Anyone tryed Analog Mike's mods to these pedals? -- 2/13/2000 10:43 PM