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Re: tube vibratos

2/6/2000 6:27 AM
Scott Swartz
Re: tube vibratos
The Magnatone circuit implemented with LDRs becomes essentially a tube based Univibe that is set on "vibrato".  
For further explanation, read the Technology of Phasers at RG Keen's GEO.  
To answer your original question, I have built a tube based Univibe, and it sounds great! In fact, I wrote an article on it entitled 'The Tube-O-Vibe' that will appear in Vacuum Tube Valley, issue 14. If you are not familiar with VTV, it is an tube audio magazine, probably the best one out there. VTV requires you to send the unit for listening tests before agreeing to publish, so apparently they thought it sounded good also. Unfortunately, issue 14 will not be out until probably June 2000. As I am being paid for this article I cannot disclose my schematic for free on the internet, but I would encourage anyone interested to purchase the magazine when it comes out.

Bob Not to change the subject too drast... -- 2/13/2000 10:23 PM