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Re: gk2a pickup to hextortion

2/3/2000 3:05 AM
Re: gk2a pickup to hextortion
", why not marry the two technologies and move towards CMOS distortion that's good with chords, since we have 6 inverter stages to dink around with on a 4049 anyways?"  
I've got a gr30 guitar synth and a roland Gk2a pickup. Looking at a pinout the pickup sends six signals, one for each string, plus whatever you feed it from the regular pickup send on the guitar...and that Digikey has the funky connectors to split these out without chopping up a cord.  
I've been thinking about feeding these into six distortion circuits that are either slaved from one set of controls, or have seperate controls for some or all. Of course you gotta mix the signals back together sometime, still...  
Any things I don't know about the gk2a that would kill this idea?

Mark Hammer I don't know about the GK2A. Six o... -- 2/3/2000 6:51 AM