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previous: Dave Re: sansamp psa1 on bass? -- 2/2/2000 3:57 PM View Thread

sansamp psa1 on guitar

2/2/2000 5:49 PM
Matthew Springer
sansamp psa1 on guitar
I never used mine on a bass (I ended up selling it), but I can say with certainty that I never really found any decent clean sounds out of it. I fiddled with mine for about 6 months or so off and on and always went back to my little 62' Magnatone. The insane overdrive crunch sounds are fantstic IF you play heavy metal, but the clean, fendery sounds are absolutely crappy. A BIG part of the fender soun d is the reverb. Since this is what I bought the thing for in the first place, I ended up selling mine.  
You may have better luck on a bass, but if you like the fendery shimmer sound, best look elsewhere.