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Re: EH Deluxe Memory Man

2/1/2000 11:47 AM
Re: EH Deluxe Memory Man
I'm dealing with a unit that was badly abused and cannabalized for parts (SAD 1024) before I got it and there is some physical damage to it and the CB. I don't know much about them and I'd thought that it would be a fun little restoration project. There appears to be alot of un-original parts of dubious quality and evidence of excessive soldering inside. (it looks nothing like my buddy's (inside) and it doesn't sound like his either). I've got it working but it is limping along right now and I thought a setup procedure would be worth checking, while I'm at it. I'm not compelled to adjust trimpots, unless, of course there seems to be a good reason to do it. I am getting a bad distortion on the delayed sound. It's just nice to have the info while you're doing it.  
And thank you for the info,  
P.S. My definition of bad is: 'not good'

Anders Westerberg >There appears to be alot of un-ori... -- 2/1/2000 12:13 PM