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previous: DavidB I was wondering who makes a good OD... -- 1/28/2000 7:01 PM View Thread


1/29/2000 9:11 PM
I'll 3rd the J&H recommendation. I also like the old DoD Overdrive Preamp 250 for a nice "low fi" distortion sound. In the final analysis, your ears will hear different things so what others like may not be right for you.  
IMO, Ebay is a great way to test pedals at home with your own setup, with very little risk. As long as you don't pay too much, you can always auction it back off and your only cost is the shipping. Heck, I even made $15 when I sold back a Vox Valvetone (nice pedal but very similar to the Jekyll side of the J&H.)

DavidB I like the Ebay idea!Really want to... -- 1/30/2000 3:50 PM