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Re: need bass tone help!!!

1/25/2000 11:37 PM
Reid Kneeland
Re: need bass tone help!!!
I's say that at least half that sound is in  
the instrument itself.  
This isn't the kind of answer you wanted, but  
if that's really the sound you want, put down  
the active Ibanezes and get a Fender Precision.  
String it with flatwounds, the heaviest gauge  
you can handle, and resist the temptation to put on  
a "better" bridge. (If a new bass isn't an option,  
pick one of the I's and put flats on that. Bypass  
the onboard EQ if possible, and turn off the bridge  
pickup). On the EQ, boost the low mids, roll off  
the lowest freqs, and and chop everything above 4kHz.  
If there's a tweeter level control on the cab, bottom  
that too. (You've probably tried all that, though...)  

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