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Re: 9V batteries - where to get them cheap?

1/21/2000 3:23 PM
Jim S.
Re: 9V batteries - where to get them cheap?
I probably don't know where you can get 9V batteries for the most absolutely rock-bottom price. However, the guideline I use is that if I can pay no more than around $2 per battery (for 9V alkaline), I'm doing fairly well. Also, I assume that all alkaline batteries are of similar quality and lifespan, so that brand really doesn't matter ( and most generic brands are actually relabeled Duracell, Energizer, or Rayovac -- e.g., CVS batteries are really Duracell).  
I think Radio Shack sells a 4-pack for $7.99. Same thing for Sears ("Diehard"), I think.