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Good Hunting

1/16/2000 2:58 AM
Good Hunting
Hi all,  
Good hunting today. I bagged a Maestro Phaser (the one that looks like a Barbie Treadmill with the Balls and Speed foot knobs) for $15 at a local pawn shop. I plugged it didn't work. Asked the overbusy sales-guy for a new battery to try, and he gave me one. Well, this time sound came THROUGH it, but it still didn't do it's swooshy thing. "Well" I told him, "Doesn't seem to work....what'll you take for it?" "15" he says. Took it over to my buddy's, popped in a new battery....the thing KICKS!!! I LOVE PAWN SHOPS!!.  
Bought some '60's vintage Altecs at a yard sale last year. 416A 15", 825? horns, and crossovers...for $50. Well, these things are HIGHLY efficient, and I don't wanna put too much bass through them, being as they are 30W nominal..100W peak speakers. Been looking for a crossover for awhile, so I can run the bass through the pawnshop 800W Ramsa through subs, and just run mids and highs through the Ashly or Alesis into the Altecs.  
Walked into Music-Go-Round and they had a DOD 2/3 way crossover for $49.95!!! "Huh", I asked myself. Seems they screwed up, and sold the one THAT tag went to, and some idiot put the tag on the good one. They at first thought I switched tags, but that was the only DOD Xover in the place, it was in a rack, so I couldn't see the original $135 price sticker on it....and they admitted they screwed up. So the guy says "I'll split the difference...I'll take $60 plus tax for it." Seems they can't do math wonder they have a problem...God bless their pointy little heads.  
SO...I don't know where you look for stuff, but here the hunting is GOOD.  
"Keep your eyes peeled...and wait....something good will come your way."  

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