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Re: J and H pedal

1/14/2000 12:33 PM
Re: J and H pedal
I think this has been covered both here and on WeberVST. Consensus seems to be that the Jekyll side is a decent emulation of the TS-808 and the Hyde side is more of a gain monster. Most reviewers have said they prefer the J side. I like it because you can get two very different sounds with one pedal. The Hyde side has two tone controls and also offers lots of sounds.  
I personally think all this fuss over distortion pedals is kind of silly because the subtle tonal differences that may exist will get swallowed up in the mix anyway. However, if you've got the disposal income, it is fun to try them all out. And with Ebay, you can unload anything without too great a loss.  
In the end, your "expert opinion" is the only one that counts.

Chris Thanks Lee for your reply... -- 1/14/2000 1:03 PM