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Re: TS9 reissue

1/8/2000 1:11 PM
Bob Predaina
Re: TS9 reissue
regarding the cool cat --  
i've never dissected a cool cat. not to say that I won't try that soon. i bought a case from the factory (i am a dealer) and it arrived with a bad bypass circuit. the pedal functions flawlessly when engaged. it produces some shott-noise when it goes into the bypass mode. its obvious that there's something wrong with the bypass circuit, but i haven't bothered to try fixing it. because the pedal works flawlessly when engaged, i just stuck it into an effects loop. i leave it on at all times, and use the loop;s switch to turn it on and off.  
now how about this for customer support. i complained about the dead pedal to danelectro. all that they required for replacement was the battery door. the told me to use the pedal as a doorstop, and sent me another brand new pedal. so i essentially got a free pedal out of the deal. someday i may fix the bypass, or put a milinnium bypass in there, or i may just bypass the box entirely with a dpdt switch. but then again, i may not... the effects loop solution is working very well.