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Re: New Thread - Does the audience care?

1/6/2000 10:48 PM
Jim S.
Re: New Thread - Does the audience care?
I used to play guitar in a 10-piece R'n'B band that was loosely based on the Commitments. It was fronted by three attractive female vocalists (one of which was my fiance and is now my wife). They wore tight black dresses and did all the stage moves you might expect to go along with the tunes.  
There were a few occasions when, during a set break, I would go up to the bar and exchange a few words with a patron while waiting for my drink. I would soon realize that this person didn't recognize me as one of the musicians that had been on stage 5 minutes earlier. Despite the fact that I was spiffed up in dark-colored Blues Brothers-approved stage attire. These encounters were a real eye-opener. I came to the conclusion that much of our audience regarded the instrumentalists as merely the "backup band" for the vocalists, who were the "real" entertainers. Despite the fact that the band was more or less democratic as far as organization, we guys were often perceived as the equivalent of musical wallpaper placed behind the vocalists.  
Oh well, ya gotta love the music business.