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Re: New Thread - Does the audience care?

1/6/2000 8:44 PM
Re: New Thread - Does the audience care?
I went to see a well known cover band for new years and was pretty amazed at the volume versus tone war. Volume won! The guitarist was good, but had a very muddy dark done in a Lonestar Strat setup thru a rack into a Mesa 2x12. I even stood next to stage to catch his sound cause couldn't hear the guitar from my table. But, a good looking blonde singer made up for it. Crowd seemed entertained. (open bar for 6 hours helped a lot!) In my band we have 2 guitarists and an average looking singer... We're gonna get slaughtered in the next Battle of the Bands!! (grins!!)

Jim S. I used to play guitar in a 10-piece... -- 1/6/2000 10:48 PM