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Rat and Wha don't sound good together

1/6/2000 4:34 PM
Rat and Wha don't sound good together
I was tinkering last night and finally got my  
Dunlop Wha sounding pretty good. I installed the  
buffer circuit from RG's site and hacked in a  
trimmer pot into one of the transistors. Also  
replaced the .22 Caps. Then I set the gear to where it just starts to open up at the highest position. Playing a strat into a Deluxe Reverb it sounded really good clean.  
I've been lovin the sound of a Rat pedal through  
the same rig. I plugged the wha in front of the  
Rat and tried it out. Well, it didn't sound exactly  
bad but its not knockin me out like either pedal alone.  
The sound kinda thinned out and the Rat got kinda raspy  
in the middle of the wha's travel rather than screaming.  
Does anybody know any mods that I might try to make these  
two work a little better together.  

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