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Volume pedal questions

1/5/2000 3:26 PM
Volume pedal questions
Hi, Iím looking to get a volume pedal, and was hoping someone could give me a quick tutorial on whatís out there and whatís worth looking for/avoiding.  
Iím looking for something passive (no batteries) since I donít need a volume boost Ė just want to do volume swells and such. Stereo outs arenít important but a tuner out might be nice. Do volume pedals in general muck with your tone, or do they pass it cleanly enough? Iím not a true-bypass junkie, but I do hear and dislike the tone-sucking abilities of really bad bypasses (wahs, Big Muffs, etc).  
Also, Iím planning on getting a Line6 modulation modeler and was hoping to use the volume pedal for controlling the speed of the effects. Can a passive volume pedal be used in this application, or does it need something different? If so, what DOES it need?  
Thanks for your help,  

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