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Re: New Thread - Does the audience care?

1/3/2000 7:09 AM
Re: New Thread - Does the audience care?
I never said the audience doesn't care, I said they don't necessarily care about the same things musicians do. Yes, the Beatles (to use them again) had a unique sound, and it was great. But what grabbed people at first was a)the beat, b)the look, and c) the sound. Yes, if you play in a cover band and do a version of something the audience knows should sound one way and you make it sound different, they notice. Whether or not you wanted it to sound the same as the record is another matter. And yes, a band needs a recognizable and unique sound to "make it", etc. I'm just saying that the audience has a different set of priorities from the performers. In a club or a bar, women want a beat they can dance to. That's what makes or breaks live bands in those situations, and records of dance music, which includes jazz, polkas, "house" music, ambient dance, etc. And rock and roll, right? The audience members in general are not going to care whether or not you use Fralin pickups or stock, 10" or 12" speakers, or whether the speakers have ceramic or alnico magnets. They usually don't have a very defined sense of what "good" sound is; but you're right, they know what sounds "bad", and they'll let you know.  

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