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New Thread - Does the audience care?

12/26/1999 6:38 PM
New Thread - Does the audience care?
OK, there was a point raised in the "Over-rated effects" thread about people "not knowing as much about effects" or what have you.  
I used to pack a nice long pedalboard - tuner, Big Muff, Real Tube, home-made Firebox (tweed champ preamp), Small Stone, various delays (usually Dan-Echo or Ibanez Soundtank), BOSS CE-1. But now I just have a tuner, Magic Mushroom and Fire Alarm pedals (homemade, check my website in January) and the footswitch for my amp's vibrato. It got to the point where I started counting how many times I used each effect. If I didn't se it more than 5 times a gig, off the board it went. Then I got an amp with truse stereo vibrato, so there went the CE-1 and the Small Stone.  
How many times has somebody come up to you at the end of the set to check out your pedalboard? And it's _always_ guys... :( I'm in rock'n'roll for the ladies, you know?  

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