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Re: QWhat did you expect?

12/26/1999 5:45 PM
Re: QWhat did you expect?
Hey Rob,  
You're right, the '69 pedal is a Fuzz Face, essentially. But it has several controls which are very interactive, and without a buffered output the level of "fuzz" cleans up *dramatically* with the guitar tone knob. For this reason some of us have discovered it's use as an overdrive. By adjusting the bias and "contour" knobs you can get a fuzz that's actually smooth, or a distortion that is not fuzzy/buzzy at all. If you use it as an overdrive, you can clean it up all the way to an o.d. that is so transparent nobody (at least in my personal experience) can tell it's a pedal. The only real difference is that "little oomph", and unlike the TS type it doesn't work by just boosting the midrange. With the internal trimpot you can set the tone to be a little bassier than your normal tone, etc. Pretty darn versatile for a Fuzz Face! But you can, by setting it up one way, get a totally vintage Fuzz except for one thing - it sounds good all the time, instead of only sounding good if you bought a particularly good one. I've replaced an old Big Muff , a '70 pedal, an *old* Jordan fuzz (1970), a TS-808 clone and a couple of processors with this pedal. Yes, Mike Fuller certainly did not invent this circuit, but he's done an awful lot with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not interested in starting a flame war about fuzzes and boutique pedals (most of which are overpriced and well, kind of like the regular overpriced crap), but I'm saying that a LOT more could have been done with these circuits long ago. The regular companies like EH, BOSS, etc. either didn't have a clue what musicians might want, or didn't care. And since usually musicians don't know what we want...