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Re: QWhat did you expect?

12/26/1999 8:49 AM
Re: QWhat did you expect?
here are some over rated effects IMO:  
TS-808 etc,as people have already said.They are OK but there is a lot better out there.  
All BOSS Distortion/Overdrive/Metal/Whatever effects.Have never come across a good sound one ever.Makes your amp sound like a crap practice amp .  
EH Small Stone.I can't comment on JD Sleep's comment on EH stuff,since I've only played a handful of EH pedals,but I think the small stone is one of their over-rated effects.With the speed maxed its OK,but other than that it's pretty ordinary to me.Maybe I've got the only bad one.If it wasnt for the fact that EH stuff is so scarce over here,I probably wouldn't keep it.  
Dean Markley Overlord:Had one of these once,put all manner of different preamp valves in it,sounded absolutely ******* awful,and no true bypass to boot!