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Re: QWhat did you expect?

12/26/1999 2:03 AM
Re: QWhat did you expect?
The Ibanez AD-9. I also have an old rackmount Electra analog delay that whomps ass all over it. What I mean to say is, it is reliable, quiet, pretty, etc., but not really any different from most other analog delays I have heard. Our other guitarist has an Arion analog delay that I found much more useable and tasty sounding. I agree with the Rat nomination; once again, nothing special. Same with the TS, but I do have to say this: We are all effects geeks. I don't know how many of you are gigging musicians, but I am. And I notice that most musicians don't know or care to know half as much about effects as I do. And yet some of these people have really incredible tone and/or can get some really cool sounds from their minimalist setup. I always hear compliments for our other guitarist on how many crazy sounds he gets. He uses a volume/wah, reissue Big Muff, and an analog delay, and his own creativity. I use 9, yes, 9 effects pedals on stage, and I don't hear as many compliments. What I'm trying to say is that I agree with whoever said we are expecting way too much from these things. The TS is very popular I'm sure because of all of the hype, but also because a lot of people like it. I think a lot of us would like to think that if we had a friend who was a TS user and didn't know much about what else is out there, we could show him our "secret weapon" and say, "man, once you've tried my Klon/Tone Pump/Shaka Brada III/whathaveyou you'll never go back to the tube Squealer!" But that's not necessarily true, and we all know that. For whatever reason, people fall back on what they feel comfortable with. I used a Red Llama for a short while, then went back to my slightly modded TS-9. Some people want clarity, harmonics, sustain, clean boost. I just want a little oomph. I think that is the nitch that the TS fills. Some people just want a little more balls.  
I wanted to say one more thing: Any boutique pedal (that is a copy of a vintage pedal) that people praise excessively in their reviews is another good nominee. I have read reviews about Fulltone's '69 pedal to the effect that it was not only a supreme fuzz, but also an excellent overdrive. You mean a Fuzz Face, right? It's a Fuzz Face, dammit, and I believe there are still a lot of people out there who don't know that. I just read a post from some guy asking what the Swollen Pickle was based on. I have read reviews suggesting it is one of the best fuzz pedals on the market, over the top, extreme, sizzly, corpulent, lard-assed fuzz. (Ever read that review?) It's a Big Muff!! A big Muff on a good day, but still... I'm sorry, but I only give a certain amount of credit to fine workmanship. 95% of the credit for these pedals goes to the designer of the circuit. Over rated and sometimes over priced.

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