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Re: QWhat did you expect?

12/25/1999 8:52 AM
Re: QWhat did you expect?
Great and expressive thread. Most over-rated effects? Almost all of them, I'm afraid, and mostly for the reasons Mark Hammer cited. Most people think if they get fill-in-the-blank pedal they will sound like fill-in-the-blank star. Really, now... Fuzz boxes and distortions all make one sound pretty much like the pedal, no matter what you play. Tube Screamers, well, OK they basically suck, but work. I loved SRV's live shows 'cause he played different guitars and had different basic sounds, but the mid-rangey scratchy grainy slightly metallic sound I didn't like on his records was usually...You guessed it, a TS. Although they cut the highs they seem to bring out the high end of the midrange in a metallic, harsh way. I don't get it, it doesn't sound like overdriving a tube amp to me. Octave boxes all sound so fake and metallic that I'd rather just play octaves with my fingers. EH had such quality control problems, that finding a (one-trick-pony) Big Muff that sounded good was hard to do. I have a friend with one that sounds great, but it has been so severely modded that it's not much like it's original self anyway. I like choruses, and I notice no one has mentioned one they hate. For flangers, well, nothing sounds like a tape flange but a tape flange, does it? Sorry to rant on and on like this, but I see so many guitarists who sincerely want to sound better buy (literally) into the idea that a box of electrical parts will make them do so. Nope, the effects are "EFFECTS", you use them to effect the sound in some way, not to create the basic tone, which is the tone of your fingers on your instrument. Practice and good guitar/string/amp combinations are what will make a guitarist sound "good". I use three pedals, a '69 for fuzz and distortion and overdrive; a chorus and a delay. I've had lots of pedals, and used it seems like hundreds of pedals and rack units and multi-fx processors, etc. But I will concur with the apparent majority, and say the TS really does seem like the most widely used but most overrated effect. I'll shut up now... Really!  

Rob The Ibanez AD-9. I also have an ol... -- 12/26/1999 2:03 AM