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Re: TS9 reissue

12/21/1999 12:47 PM
Bob Predaina
Re: TS9 reissue
clarify? sure.  
i wasn't commenting on the construction/design of the Daddy-O. i was just saying that if you back off far enough on the guitar's volume control you can avoid the kind of graininess that's characteristic of some op-amp based pedals. what i meant by that was that even though it probably does have an op-am in there (most every commerical pedal does now), you can still get some decent sounds out of it and it provides a great sonic bang for the buck, especially when you compare it to the very expensive alternatives out there.  
having said that, your question raised my curiosity enough to kill a few cats, so i started to disassemble the pedal. if you've ever seen one, they're pretty heavy, tipping the scales at 2 1/4 lb! after removing the rear cover plate you'll find a bi-level circuit board inside. the first board is easy enough to get out (jacks, resistors, caps, one transistor, no ICs), but the second board is rather difficult to get out, as the 5 pots are mounted directly to the circuit board, and the knobs don't want to come off. i removed the screws and flexed the board as much as possible, spotting 2 ICs in there, but i could not see the lettering on them, as i was looking at the board from the wrong side.  
after taking the pedal apart, i was REALLY impressed by how well the pedal is made, given its extremely low price. its ovbious that they have to be using slave labor in china to produce this pedal, as if it were produced in the USA we would be paying $200 for it instead of $60.  

Barry Thanks for the detailed description... -- 12/22/1999 2:03 AM