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Re: TS9 reissue

12/20/1999 2:26 AM
Bob Predaina
Re: TS9 reissue
i agree, i don't necessarily think that the TS is the holy grail of sound either. but then again, alot of good sounds have come out of it. its all a matter of personal preference, really.  
one interesting pedal that has come along at a really bargain price is the danelectro daddy-o. its not the holy grail of tone either, but i brought one home from the shop for testing with my strat/boogie mk iv.  
if you back the guitar's output to about 5 and run into the effect, using the effect's output knob to drive the amp, you can get some very nice subtle overdrive tones without the typical graininess that's associated with alot of op amp based TS type pedals.  
of course, all of this stuff is highly subjective. you'll have to listen for yourself. but i have to admit, i was pleasantly surprised by the daddy-o. for the money, its a very decent little pedal, and its built like a brick.  

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