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previous: JR What effects do you all love that n... -- 12/17/1999 4:56 AM View Thread

Re: Opinions on most under rated effects

12/17/1999 6:52 PM
Jim S.
Re: Opinions on most under rated effects
Ibanez Echomachine EM5 (potato bug case) - this is a digital delay that is designed to sound analog. The delays are warm and lo-fi. Up to 600ms delay time (wish it had a little more). The closest thing to an Echoplex in its size and price. Now discontinued. There's a new Ibanez "7" series pedal that replaces it; I have no idea how good the new one sounds. I have heard about someone gutting these pedals and putting the circuit card inside a heavy-duty cast aluminum case for better roadworthiness.

Jsh Not made anymore? The EM5? Too bad.... -- 12/18/1999 9:04 AM