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Re: Chorus , what's your favorite pedal and why?

12/12/1999 6:56 PM
Re: Chorus , what's your favorite pedal and why?
Don't know what use it has, but I can imagine why you wonder.... Every body does :-)  
I dropped all the digital stuff, because they were so sterile [Although my opinion on that, changed a little, lately].  
My favourite is the Boss CH-1 (Super Chorus). When set to a very subtile Chorus setting (Low Depth, Low FX level), it adds just a little to my TubeAmps sound.  
I am not a big fan of that strong swirling Chorus sound; I want to have it very transparent. Sometimes, very extreem settings can be nice too.  
I didn't like Arion pedals in general, but their flanger was interesting. In those days I compared it with the Boss', and I prefered it then. Using MXR Flanger now. I hope to get an A/DA to test soon.  
Kind regards,  

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