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Re: Dan-echo distortion?

12/11/1999 10:06 PM
Bob Predaina
Re: Dan-echo distortion?
Chris -  
If your dan-echo is distorting, you definitely have a problem, as they're not supposed to do that. I'm sure that you've checked the obvious things, like replacing the battery. If that doesn't work, submit your pedal for service or replacement under its warranty.  
Danelectro has a very good "no questions asked" exchange policy if you have a defective product. That is to say, as a dealer, I would have no problems with getting satisfaction from the factory, but then I've honestly never had to try to get warranty service. I haven't had any problems yet.  
I agree with the post that mentioned how great the Dan-Echo pedals are and how cheap they are for the money. They are definitely a great value, and clearly they're the greatest bang for the buck item that Danelectro makes.  
I'm so happy with the Danelectros that I've just become a dealer. I did this because I am a rampant effect collector and I had to to get one of the music shoppe demo pedal racks for my personal rig (a really cool item). I have a bunch of extra new in the box pedals, and and I'll be selling these at great prices just to move out the inventory, if anyone's interested. (sorry for the blatant commercialism - if anyone is interested in the pedals, please reply to me off list).