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Re: Scored a MFZ-1 Maestro Fuzz! Kinda Sucks...

12/10/1999 12:06 AM
Re: Scored a MFZ-1 Maestro Fuzz! Kinda Sucks...
That's it. Mine has cooler knobs which I am sure are original. Mine also has germanium transistors, for sure. They are 2N2614's, three of them. The battery clip holds one "AA" perfectly, but the fuzz doesn't sound right. It doesn't sustain at all, and only makes a sound if you hit the strings real hard. It sounded a lot better when I had the 9v hooked up, which I now know was not a good idea. Should it run on 1.5v? It doesn't sound right if it does. I swear that the Boomerang had a wierd 9v battery in it, though.

R.G. That's the FZ-1A. I've fixed a coup... -- 12/10/1999 2:02 PM