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Re: Morley Volume Wah

12/9/1999 7:50 PM
peterRe: Morley Volume Wah
I usta have one of these, there was a  
black cardboard shroud, kinda wedge-shaped,  
taped over the photocells. The flap that  
moves when you move the pedal lays flat  
against the open side of the wedge when  
it is in the 'closed' position.  
I traced out the circuit at one time, doubt  
I still have it, but as i recall the volume  
pedal circuit was very simple, a resistor  
which gets loaded to ground by the photocell.  
So there is always some attenuation, and any light  
leaking in will make it worse.  
I had some noise problems which were improved  
by changing the grounding a little (I think one  
of the jacks relied on contact to the chassis  
for its ground) and adding another filter cap to  
the power supply.  
I also added a level control to the wha circuit,  
because it boosts the signal a lot, which isn't  
always convenient!