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Re: Scored a MFZ-1 Maestro Fuzz! Kinda Sucks...

12/8/1999 9:18 PM
Re: Scored a MFZ-1 Maestro Fuzz! Kinda Sucks...
Mine is in a brown wedge shaped box with Gibson top hat knobs on the front. I don't have the pedal in front of me so I don't know what kind of transistors it has. It is exactly like the one on the introduction page of the Stompbox book. The reason I said it takes a 9 volt is because the connections for the battery are exactly like the ones in a Boomerang wah that I got at the same time that is also in almost unused condition and the Boomerang had an old Eveready battery (red and white) that liiked like a "c" battery. So exactly what size battery should it take? "AA"?

Mark Hammer So, are you saying that it has a 9v... -- 12/9/1999 2:17 PM
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