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Can't Get Wha to Work

12/8/1999 7:51 PM
Can't Get Wha to Work
I built a Wha circuit board using a homebrew pcb from JD Sleeps site which is, I guess based on a VOX847. I installed  
all the trim pots but not all of the switchable  
caps (I just put in the 10n stock one). I used  
the inductor (TDK) and NPN transistors from my  
old crybaby. I hooked up the pot, jacks  
and battery w/o the switch to test it out plugged  
in a guitar and amp and...nothing. I checked for  
bad solder joints, improperly place components, bad  
traces, used a different battery, reversed the orientation  
of the transisters but still got nothing. I would  
appreciate any help.  

Joe Fuzz JC: Just a couple of guesses but: -- 12/8/1999 8:19 PM
Don Symes
So that I understand - you desolder... -- 12/8/1999 8:33 PM