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Scored a MFZ-1 Maestro Fuzz! Kinda Sucks...

12/7/1999 1:10 AM
Scored a MFZ-1 Maestro Fuzz! Kinda Sucks...
I found a near mint Maestro Fuzz (Satisfaction fuzz) that is an almost new condition for $20 at a small town guitar shop, but I have several problems with it. One obvious problem is that the input is a cord that connects to your guitar, instead of a jack. Also, it uses the old style 9 volts that look like a "C" battery. I don't mind too much, since I'll never play it on stage. I'll just use the cord and alligator clip the 9 volt batt. in there, but the biggest problem is that if you turn the drive more than 3/4 up, it makes a constant scratchy humming when you aren't playing. 3/4 up sounds pretty gnarly, but I don't think all of these pedals do what mine does. I have also heard that these varied in sound much like the Fuzz Faces. Any input?  

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