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Re: reverb

11/28/1999 8:47 PM
Re: reverb
You have a LOT of choices on reverb. I solved my BF Bassman/Bandmaster lack'o'verb by spotting a Reissue Fender Reverb Tank in the paper, and snagging it for $180. Obviously this won't happen often enough, but you CAN find stuff at a good price if you keep your eyes peeled. With NOS tubes replacing the Fender tubes that were in it, it adds warmth to ANYTHING....even if you have the Dwell and the Mixer all the way down. And it don't take much on the Dwell to get a nice, s-m-o-o-t-h reverb going....I set it about 2.  
Depending on what amp you have, you may have an amp-guru add a Reverb tank and circuit to it. Some of the guys in here could lead you down that path better than I.  
There's always stompboxes, and of course....Lexicon's and MidiVerbs. I ran through the Alesis before I got the comparison....Fender wins. I have even run vocals through the Fender to tape....way smooth.  
If it's for could set the amp and a couple mic's in the bathroom and experiment. For live...that obviously won't work, unless you are comfortable leaving your amp and mic's in a bathroom full of drunks. (Use the ladies room, if you do that....less splashback...;O)  
Basically, a stand-alone TUBE-driven, spring reverb unit would give you can use it with anything...and sounds great. A built-in TUBE-driven,spring reverb unit would be as good, with the proper installation, except you are more or less limited to that one amp.  
There MAY be stomp-boxes and rack units that will sound reasonable...maybe even good. You have to find out which ones do. Maybe others here know what ones of those would do the best.  
As you can probably tell, IF you can find a deal, I think the Fender is the ticket. Go play through different stuff, and see what is acceptable to you.  
I, also, prefer a touch of reverb on most everything, but just enough to fatten the tone a bit, not enough to do the surf thing, (although, there's nothing wrong with that if that is what you do).  
Good hunting,  

Brad JC..Another thing I forgot.... -- 11/28/1999 8:54 PM