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Re: Dod envelope filter 440, HELP!

11/25/1999 7:08 AM
Re: Dod envelope filter 440, HELP!
I guess my email was gone for a while...sorry. I saw the schematic correction and put it in , i actually had it in already but still there is nothing...i don't know what could be wrong!  
The IC is hooked up right.  
The LED/Photocells are hooked up right  
And i am pretty sure the rest of the circuit is good.  
What could be wrong?  
Bad ic? Drifting values in worn resistors? Bad caps?  
The signal is getting through, usually clean, cover the photocells a little and it starts making some weird overdriven *filter-like* sounds , so i feel i am pretty close  
The LED doesn't light up  
The Pots don't work  
There is some voltage coming to the lower part of the circuit  
PLEASE HELP.......  

John Greene Ahhh! I just remembered there is an... -- 11/25/1999 7:04 PM